Wednesday, April 30, 2014

           Show us the beauty of your feet!
Take a look...
    "You want to fall in LOVE with a shoe, 

go ahead.  A shoe can't love you back, but

 on the other hand, a shoe can't HURT you 

too deeply either. And there are so many 

nice-looking shoes" -Alla Sherman 

  •  Makes you relax!
  • Feel comfortable where ever you are! 
  • Be happy!
  • Gorgeous 

   Women? are you a BROKEN HEATED?  Take a rest in crying, cool down and face a day like nothing happens and nothing wrong. Give time for yourself and rescue yourself! Go with your friends hang out, convert your attention in the things that can make you happy. Why not convert our attention in beautifying our feet. 
    Many women today wants that they have beautiful feet to look at. why not wear variety of sandals. Sandals that can make you happy and forget all the pains that you feel. But first thing  first! Go to the parlor to have pedicure and select nail polish color that suit to the color of your sandals, make a choice that can suit with all the colors of your sandals. Choose a sandal that makes your feet beautiful such as high heel sandals,leather sandals, gladiator sandals, jelly sandals and wedge sandals. You are ready to hang out and go parties. NO MORE HEART ACHES! NO MORE CRYING! JUST SMILE :).